5 Myths about Night Creams

5 Myths about Night Creams

Do you think that night creams are just a way for several companies to sell their products without any particular need?

Each woman has a distinct approach to their regular beauty regime. Some women follow a simple routine such as moisturizing and cleansing a day, but on the other hand, some follow complete skincare with beauty products such as serums, creams, and toners.

Well, there is a purpose why it is called beauty sleep. Some of the skincare products work better and repair skin when you shut your eyes. But some people think it not necessary. In this blog, we will discuss the common myths of this skincare step.

Myth: Night creams and Day Creams are Alike

The night cream and day cream are not identical and is ultimately a myth. The day cream is much lighter as compared to night cream. Also, the day cream incorporates the SPF which preserves the skin from the sun. Few sunscreens clog the pores so utilizing it in the night time is not ideal. Additionally, you get much hydration which skin requires at night. The day cream is made especially for the skin to protect it from the elements they are exposed to and night creams are mainly for the hydration and replenishment of skin.

Myth: I am young for the night cream

Do you think that you are much young for a night cream, then think again. The production of collagen is the primary block in the maintenance of the skin, hair, and nails. It might start to lower quickly as at the age of 25. Most of the night creams contain the ingredients which contribute to the health of skin such as collagen, vitamin C, Co Q-10, and others. Thus, adding the night cream to the skincare regime is a critical measure in maintaining the youthful complexion via 20 or beyond.

Myth: Night Cream a marketing strategy from beauty business

 Until I started taking skincare serious, I think night creams are just the marketing ploy for beauty care businesses. But, since I started using the night cream, my complexion started becoming more radiant and replenished.

Myth: Night Cream does not change anything on the skin

When we sleep, our skin mainly loses the moisture, and so we wake up completely un-refreshed, dry skin, dehydrated, and looking tired. But, the night creams are the ideal solution that contains all the ingredients which hydrate the skin in a few hours and contains hyaluronic acid, which helps in disappearing the wrinkles and fine lines.  Thus, using the night cream helps to keep skin soft and supple in the morning.

Myth: Night Cream works if it is expensive

The biggest myth about skincare is that if a beauty product is costly, then it contains better ingredients. However, this is just a misperception. The luxury products only charge for their name, marketing via celebrity, or their fancy bottles. But this does not mean that these expensive products contain the best ingredients which are perfect for your money. But, instead, read the label before the purchase of the night creams.

What are Day Creams?

You might hear or be aware that the skin is prone to be damaged via pollution, UV rays, makeup, and environmental pollution.

All this damage to the skin can be caused at the time of the day. This is the reason; day creams are specially designed to support and protect our skin. Moreover, this cream contains the SPF to prevent the skin from sun damage and aging. Also, it includes the anti-oxidants which fight against the free radicals.

What are Night Creams?

Our skin does ample of work at night. This is the time when our skin requires a lot of restoring and repairing work when it rests. Thus, night creams are ideal, which are mainly designed to provide moisture and penetrates the skin during several night hours. The cream contains anti-aging ingredients such as glycolic and retinol.

Importance of using day and night creams

As now you know the difference between the day and night creams. So, it becomes easy to see the answer to this question.

Both cream cannot be skipped or replaced with one other. The day cream or night creams both have their own importance and purpose and texture. You cannot go out without any sun protection in the day time and identically want to restore your skin at the time of night.

Why Are Night creams much important?

Well after comparison and description about the night creams, now this is the right time to know the benefits of the night creams when using it regularly. Some wonders night creams can do for your skin are below:

  • Revitalize and nourishes the skin
  • Treats age spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Soothes the skin irritation
  • Provides fine texture to the skin
  • Enhances the skin elasticity
  • Restore the skin damage
  • Fights from free radicals
  • Hydrates skin


There are different night creams available in the market nowadays. The individuals can choose as per their requirements. Moreover,  the best night creams are offered by Bellezon Professional. They offer three different night creams named anti-aging night cream, which acid-rich properties and smoothes wrinkles & illuminates skin. The other cream called anti-blemish & anti-dark circle night cream, which is ideal for diminishing dark circles. The last cream provided by Bellezon is Bulgarian rose night cream. The cream is perfect and makes the skin smooth and soft.

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