The Charcoal Detoxifying Facial Kit from Bellezon Professional. Six key steps are included in the charcoal facial kit to help you restore bright skin. This charcoal facial kit is a powerful skin care product that contains activated bamboo charcoal.

Facial Cleanser, Facial Exfoliator, Massage Cream, Facial Gel, Face Pack, and Facial Serum are included in the package. Skin pollutants and impurities are removed using a facial cleanser. The facial cleanser removes dead skin and keeps the skin hydrated. The quantity of browned cells, blackheads, and white leach from the epidermis is reduced by using a Facial Exfoliator. The massage cream delivers needed nourishment as well as cell regeneration. The massage cream also reduces melanin levels in cells. The skin is smoothed and glows with facial gel. The face pack evens out skin tone and tightens pores. Face pack’s herbal blend rejuvenates the skin. Facial serum tones lighten and give a radiant glow to the skin. This 6-step routine restores skin’s luster and radiance and helps cleanse your skin, rejuvenate it, treat acne and marks, remove whiteheads and blackheads, and the massage prevents aging by increasing blood circulation. 


  • Facial Cleanser : Aloe-Vera, Chamomile extract in a cream base.
  • Facial Exfoliator : Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Allantoin, Licorice extract, Niacinamide, Scrub grits in a cream base.
  • Massage Cream : Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Argan oil, and Niacinamide in a cream base.
  • Facial Gel : Aloe-Vera in a gel base.
  • Face Pack : Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Titanium Dioxide, and Niacinamide in cream/ pack base.
  • Facial Serum : Liquid Paraffin, Olive Oil, Soya Oil, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Almond Oil, Silicon Oil


Here's how to use the Charcoal Detoxifying Facial Kit step by step:

STEP 1: Massage the facial cleanser in a circular motion for 3-7 minutes with toner or water. Wet cotton is used to remove it.

STEP 2: Massage the facial exfoliator with toner or water for 3-7 minutes. Wet cotton is used to remove it.

STEP 3: Gently apply the massage cream over your face and neck for about 10-15 minutes. Use an ultrasonic machine and 2-3 drops of serum during massage for the best results.

STEP 4: Take a sufficient amount of massage gel and apply it all over the face and neck. Use a galvanic machine for the best results.

STEP 5: Apply the face pack as a thick layer all over the face and neck; avoid the area around the eyes and wait till the face pack is semi-dried. After that, remove it with wet cotton or rinse it with fresh water.

STEP 6: After removing the face pack, apply the serum to your skin to give it an instant glow and radiance.


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