Commandments to take care of Skin in Winter

Commandments to take care of Skin in Winter

In the cold winter weather, we may begin to notice some of its effects on our skin. Although often not given the importance it requires, the skin, one of the largest organs of our body, needs to be pampered and cared for also during the coldest months of the year. Just as we change the closet every season, we must also change our skincare routine to shine skin in winter.

Problems of Skin In Winter

The cold of winter can make a dent in our skin, even if it doesn’t seem so. In many cases, low temperatures can remove the skin’s natural protective barrier, allowing water to “escape” (dehydration) and irritating threats (sensitivity). As per the British Skin Foundation ( BSF ), skin problems are one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctor in the fall and winter.

With a colder climate, atmospheric humidity drops and the dry environment increases. The lack of winter moisture may be responsible for the itching sensation we experience during these months. And this occurs because the inflammatory response is activated and releases histamines.

Another problem associated with winter, although not usually given much importance, is that of sunlight. It is not only necessary to protect ourselves during the summer when the sun shines brighter; Doing it also during winter is essential.

As the Skin Cancer Foundation admits, even when it is cold or cloudy, “the UV rays that cause aging are reaching the skin in winter and can cause melanoma .” Moreover, also in winter weather conditions, you can suffer damage from the sun as in summer.

Seven commandments to take care of your skin in winter

It has all happened to all of us that, with the drop in temperatures, we begin to feel tightness, redness or dry skin. And although at this time of the year you do not fancy a better plan than a blanket, sofa and a cup of coffee, we should give ourselves some time for something else … To take care of our complexion in winter? Of course! Please take a look at the recommendations that specialists provide us so that the cold does not mistreat our skin.

All seasons of the year affect our skin in some way or another, and it is in winter when the dermis looks drier or dull. Specialists suggest some actions to overcome this time of year with the least damage to the skin:

1. Hydrate your body and face well

The face moisturizer should always have a sun protection factor. Hydration of the body is essential: it should be intensified in the legs and feet, and without forgetting the heels, which are very prone to dryness. And keep skin in winter hydrate.

2. Pay attention to the hands and lips

The hands and lips are areas especially sensitive to cold, as they are the parts of the body most exposed to environmental factors. Each time you wash your hands, apply a barrier cream. And don’t try to end the dry lips by moistening them with saliva. To give extra protection, use a moisturizing and protective lip balm.

3. Avoid repeatedly washing your hands

Wear dermatitis that affects the back of the hands is a frequent reason for consultation at this time of year, especially in people who, for work reasons, lather them and clean them repeatedly. To avoid this, the use of gloves and creams with a barrier effect should be promoted.

4. Avoid aggressive hygiene products

It is essential not to use magnetic products for face and body washing. To protect the skin, we must choose soft and dermatologically tested products.

5. Give up showering with very hot or freezing water

For daily hygiene, the ideal is warm water, and not showering more than once a day, as this will enhance the dehydration of the skin. And don’t forget to use a moisturizer after each shower.

6. Don’t go out without gloves

The use of gloves to protect the skin of the hands is essential, especially for those patients sensitive to cold and who usually suffer from perniosis (chilblains ) or Raynaud’s phenomena ( cold fingers and turn white, bluish and red).

7. Be careful what you eat and drink

Food is essential at all times of the year, and you should not neglect it even if there is no bikini operation on the horizon. In winter, it is advisable to increase the consumption of vitamin C and antioxidants. Do not forget to drink between a liter and a half and two liters of water a day. Natural hydration should never be neglected. And if you think about your skin, you better avoid tobacco and alcohol.


Are you worried about your skin in winter? Then, here are some of the commandments which can help you to take care of the skin in the winter. Also, you can purchase Bellezon Professional skincare products which can help you to stay young and beautiful. 

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