Hair serum: what it is and why you need it in your Life

Hair serum: what it is and why you need it in your Life

Are you curious about hair serums but feel overwhelmed when you start exploring? Not sure what difference they have with other beauty products? Do you have no idea which serum is right for you? We know that the seemingly infinite variety of hair products you find on the shelves can make it confusing to find out what a hair serum does, and even harder to determine which one is right for your hair type. Below we have your complete serum guide so you can find out what is causing the whole stir.

Hair serum: what is it?

For starters, hair serum is an instrument to style the hair, which means that it should be used after shampooing and conditioning, during the styling phase of your routine. It helps to straighten hair, increases shine, protects against moisture and fights frizz. Experts suggest applying a small amount of serum (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) on still damp hair, just before drying it. Often the serum is also used in dry hair to control those unruly hairs and give the hair a satin finish.

How does hair serum work?

Hair serum is liquid-based and often have a texture similar to that of an oil, but are much lighter. They are typically made with silicones that cover the hair shaft to block moisture and keep frizz at bay. Of course, there is a wide range of hair sera in the market, which aim to attack a multitude of discomforts that range from split ends to minimize the appearance of damage, to protect the hair from external aggressors such as moisture, UV rays, and pollution

Hair oil vs. Hair serum: what is the difference?

Apart from that hair serum have a lighter consistency than hair oils is, them what is the difference between them? The main difference between the two is that hair oils are not designed to style the hair, rather they are considered a nourishing and moisturizing treatment. Unlike a serum, which covers the most superficial layer of hair fibers, hair oils work by penetrating the hair shaft to condition the same hair core. They help replenish natural hair oils, which is especially beneficial if you have dry or damaged hair due to excessive use of bleach or heat when combing. On the other hand, hair serums mainly help reduce the appearance of these symptoms once they have manifested while helping to make your hair more manageable.

Hair serum for hair with frizz

Frizz is one of the most common reasons why women choose to incorporate a hair serum into their routine. If you struggle with unruly hairs and an impossible frizz, or if you have difficulty controlling your hair easily in the styling process, we recommend the Bellezon Professional hair serum smooth gloss, a softening serum for unruly and dry hair. The light formula will not make your hair heavy and at the same time gives you long-lasting softness and manageability.

Hair serum to strengthen

If your hair is rough or curly and you are looking for a hair serum to facilitate straightening. The Bellezon Professional Smoothing Serum is ideal. It helps protect the hair during the straightening process by helping to mitigate the damage. Additionally, it extends the life of your hairstyle and increases the shine.

Hair Serum: Act as cuticle sealer and prevents the degradation of keratin

One of the main functions of the serum is to protect the cuticle. These are the superimposed layers that protect the cortex and prevent dehydration of the hair. The vegetable oils that make up the serum seal the cuticle and manage to close it, which makes the hair brighter and softer. Sealing the cuticle is important to prevent damage from external agents and to treat hair that is already damaged, for example, hair with split ends. In any case, it is important not to lose the natural keratin of the hair that are the proteins that form the outermost part of the hair. To avoid this degradation we use the serum with natural antioxidant ingredients that protect these proteins, specifically keratin.

It acts as a protector from external aggression. Radiation, pollution and also the continuous use of the plates more easily damage the hair leaving it off and dull.

– Solar radiation: Vitamin D from the sun is necessary for our bodies. But at the same time, overexposure can be harmful to our hair and also to the skin. Sometimes you can become an enemy. Our recommendation: increase protection, especially in summer, protecting your hair with a hat or scarf and applying a protective hair serum.

– Pollution: Did you know that environmental pollution leaves us particles in the suspension of fewer than 2.5 microns? These are imperceptible to the eyes and penetrate daily in the pores of the skin. Pollution and particles such as heavy metals present in the air degrade hair proteins and consequently are more dull and dull.

– Use of irons: The high temperatures of the irons and their daily use tend to dehydrate the hair. Apply the hair serum once you have dried your hair. From half to tip, to give it a healthy finish and protect yourself from the plates. At the same time, with this finishing treatment, you will be able to close the split ends and avoid frizz.

– Chemical dyes: Discoloration, shine, California wicks, drastic change of look … If you notice your hair damaged by frequent use of dye or coloring. You should know that some dyes are irritating and aggressive. Most, with the exception of dyes with plant-natural pigments, are formulated based on chemical components that intervene in the hair structure and damage hair health. So, the uses of dyes end up penetrating the root and degrade the keratin. Use the serum to repair the most damaged hair.


Due to the large number of brands of hair cosmetics manufacturers that we have at our disposal these days. It is very difficult to answer the question of what is the best serum for hair in the market. Since no manufacturer usually uses the same chemical and natural compounds.

In addition, each hair is different and from our extensive experience. As professional hairdressers, we know that what goes well for one mane, another may not work. This is why it is normal to find positive and negative opinions about the best selling hair serums.

At Bellezon Professional,  we offer hair serum smooth gloss which is specific for straightening hair. Additionally, for repairing damaged ends, for protecting hair from the sun, etc.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to add a hair serum to your routine and reap the benefits!

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