Why is Anti-Aging Night Cream Better For Acne-Prone Skin?

Why is Anti-Aging Night Cream Better For Acne-Prone Skin?

Anti-aging night cream and day cream. We buy them, but do we know why we need them and what differentiates them? Bellezon Professional has just launched anti-aging night cream for acne-prone skin, a product that promises to take care of and repair our skin while we sleep, although sometimes it is a short time. To solve this and many other doubts about what happens in the face during the hours of sleep. 

What happens in our skin at night while we sleep?

In our body, the production and release of certain substances in the bloodstream that can have effects on various structures and follow specific patterns in terms of schedule and are usually done in the same way daily are what is called circadian rhythms. These rhythms can undergo changes depending on various factors, affecting the release of these substances and, consequently, their action on the target organs/structures. In the case of the skin, it is an organ that is affected by these circadian rhythms, so that during the day, the mechanisms that mainly the skin sets in motion are of defense since that is when we face the external factors primarily. At night it is when the tools of repair and detoxification of the skin are mainly initiated.

Why is an anti-aging night cream necessary? What are the benefits of continued use?

The application of treatment both day and night is critical since it is necessary, together with hygiene, to help the skin maintain its functionality as it allows to eliminate substances that accumulate and, on the other hand, provide the necessary water and the elements that will enable us to maintain the correct levels of hydration. In addition, when using a product at night, we compensate for the lack of nutritional elements and also provide immediate comfort and features that help improve these mechanisms of repair and detoxification of the skin. The continued application of the anti-aging night cream will improve the condition of the skin acne and its barrier function, enhancing the night recovery of the skin.

It is indicated for any woman who notices that the next morning her skin has not recovered sufficiently

What the difference between a day cream?

They usually differ in assets and texture. In the daytime, light textures that are quickly absorbed prevail to allow the application of the makeup background. They generally include moisturizing assets and oils. With dry touch along with the anti-aging assets that are included in each case. In those at night, the most comfortable, most enveloping textures are generally preferred. Nowadays, textures have also advanced to provide these sensations and at the same time, be fresh and quickly absorbed. Like day treatments, anti-aging night treatments include moisturizing active ingredients. Generally, it also involves a higher amount of nutritional elements than day creams. They usually include assets that help improve the effects of nighttime mechanisms,

What results do we get on our skin using Bellezon Professional Anti Aging night cream?

Bellezon Professional anti-ageing night cream helps recreate the effects of restful sleep on our skin. The result on the skin can be seen from the first morning after it was utilizing the night before. Thus, observing a fresh and hydrated complexion of the skin. In addition, the continued use of the treatment for 4 weeks at night allows us to obtain a smoother texture. Additionally brighter skin and the reduction of the signs of acne, aging, and fatigue are observed.

Is Anti-Aging Night Cream utilize during the day?

The treatment will hydrate us; it will provide us with the elements included in the formula to improve the barrier function, providing comfort. It will also perform the active action they present, for example, if it favors exfoliation, it will help to eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin, however, since it is not the time when the most significant removal of corneal cells occurs during the day the result will be lower in terms of skin texture improvement.

Is the best time before bed or as soon as we get home (even if there are hours before we get to bed)?

You can do it when you prefer and have time; the preference for one moment or another lies in each woman and her choices. Since it is elaborate that the particles of contamination have adverse effects on our skin, the ideal would be that we perform the gesture upon arriving home. But many times due to the rhythm of our life it is not possible for us, and we have to leave it before going to bed, which is how much more time we have. The important thing is to do it every day.

Finally, could you provide us with a step by step of the perfect routine to follow since we arrived home? 

Ideally, in the morning and at night, have a routine that includes: cleaning + intensive treatment (serum) + treatment cream + eye contour. We should also keep in mind that during the day it is advisable to also protect ourselves from the sun, with the use of a sunscreen, you can also substitute a BB cream with sunscreen.

Step cleaning 

It is essential to have a formulation adapted to the area of the face. Ideally, it does not contain elements that can dry the skin. So, in the case of water hygiene, it is essential to choose a product without soap. We must also ensure that if we use the same product for face and eyes, the product gets a check on the eye contour. Finally, when carrying out the process, that is, the gestural one, you must allow us to remove make-up without friction.

Step intensive treatment 

For better results, enhancing the effects in the case of the serum of the same range of treatment. Or allows different needs to treat skin workup. We can choose it according to our needs. Moisturizers in the case of dehydrating skins that need a quick and more intensive treatment. Or that exposed to dehydrating conditions (air conditioning, sun, etc.). Nourishing in the case of constitutional or acquired dry skin for various reasons. Such as aging, as well as in special situations such as people with prolonged fat-restrictive diets, anti-aging either by our lifestyle or due to chronological aging.

Step treatment cream 

Always necessary since we can provide the skin with a barrier. Thanks to its film-forming effect that protects the skin against the insensible water loss. They also include cosmetic assets that allow working on the areas of improvement that each skin needs. Such as hydration, sensitivity, wrinkles, pigment dysphoria, tone, luminosity, flexibility, firmness, toxicity, density, dryness, etc.

Pass around the eyes 

In this case, are specific formulas adapt to the eye area. Because the skin in this area shows significant differences from the rest of the face. So, in the case of treatments, both the serum and anti-aging night cream can have application rituals. But in general, we can apply them following the tension lines of the face. In the case of the eye contour, as a general rule, apply them to the lower eyelid. Remember that the area of ​​application is on the bone that forms the eye socket.


Do you know the utilization of anti-aging night cream for your skin? This blog summarizes how Bellezon Professional anti-ageing cream is better for the acne-prone skin of the individuals. Additionally, it helps in reducing the acne from the skin.

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